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PM Masrour Barzani visits ministries, supervises projects

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – Prime Minister Masrour Barzani in June began a series of visits to the different Ministries in the Kurdistan Region in order to keep track of the various Ministries’ agendas and supervise the numerous projects currently being undertaken.

Prime Minister Barzani’s visits started on June 2nd, when he visited the Ministry of the Interior.

During that visit, Prime Minister Barzani met with various Ministry officials, where he was briefed on the Ministry’s work, particularly in providing security and services to the people in cooperation with the Kurdistan Region Security Council.

Prime Minister Barzani commended the Ministry’s work, acknowledging its importance in providing services and security, and commented that their cooperation with the Kurdistan Region Security Council has resulted in the Region being a safe place within the wider area.

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that no one is above the law and tasked Ministry officials with bringing criminals to justice, particularly those who commit violence against women and organized criminal gangs responsible for the drug trade.

Prime Minister Barzani on June 12th visited the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

After being briefed on the Minstry’s work over the years of the ninth cabinet, Prime Minister Barzani noted that, despite various crises and struggles, the Kurdistan Regional Government, with the aid of the private sector, has been able to conduct several projects throughout the Region, especially in the sectors of transportation and road infrastructure.

Prime Minister Barzani specifically addressed the groundbreaking project of establishing railways connecting cities in the Region, and emphasized the importance of constructing better roads between the different provinces.

Another topic Prime Minister Barzani addressed was the Kurdistan Regional Government’s plans to build 20,000 residential units for lower income households.

Prime Minister Barzani then visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources on June 13th.

During the visit, he was presented with a report by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources which briefed attendees on the Ministry’s work and thanked the Prime Minister for his attentiveness to the agricultural sector.

Prime Minister Barzani replied by emphasizing the importance of the ninth cabinet’s plans to develop the agricultural sector. The Prime Minister noted that these plans are crucial to strengthening the economic infrastructure of the Kurdistan Region, and that the Region’s highly fertile land provide excellent opportunities in this regard.

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that all efforts should be made to ensure water and food security, as well as support for the Kurdistan Region’s farmers.

Prime Minister Barzani then addressed the importance of conserving and preserving water sources in the Kurdistan Region. Moreover, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of increasing the rate of at which trees and green fields are planted in the Region’s provinces as a means of mitigating drought and climate change.

These visits are continuing, with Prime Minister Barzani on June 14th visiting the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Prime Minister Barzani was briefed on the Ministry’s agenda and work over the years.

Prime Minister Barzani stressed the importance of making use of technology in developing the different sectors of the Kurdistan Region, among them digitizing various services and reducing bureaucracy.

The Prime Minister also addressed the importance of regulating the use of technology so it is not used for illicit purposes, and as a way of avoiding the spread of extremism.

The Prime Minister further adressed the government’s plan to set up railways in an attempt to ease travel between different cities and provinces, along with different public transportation projects.

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