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KRG Prime Minister Inaugurates Van Steel Iron Factory, Emphasises Economic Growth and Cooperation

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) inaugurated the Van Steel Iron Factory in Erbil.

The factory, operated by Galiawa Group, is now the largest iron and steel facility in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

In his speech, Prime Minister Barzani highlighted the KRG’s commitment to bolstering the industrial sector, focusing on food, petrochemicals, and mineral industries. He emphasised the government’s role in ensuring raw materials for small and medium enterprises and establishing industrial zones across Kurdistan’s cities.

An excerpt from Prime Minister Barzani’s speech:

“It is a pleasure to inaugurate this significant industrial project in the Kurdistan Region today. I thank Galiawa Group for their work in bringing this factory to fruition, meeting global standards and using state-of-the-art technology.

“This factory marks a pivotal moment in advancing Kurdistan’s industrial landscape and creating employment opportunities. Its commitment to environmental preservation is evident through eco-friendly methods.

“In recent years, the KRG, in partnership with the private sector, has initiated significant programs in food, petrochemicals, and minerals. This factory’s establishment represents a great stride in advancing Kurdistan’s industrial infrastructure.

“Despite challenges, we’ve initiated projects across Kurdistan, aiming to establish a robust economic infrastructure.

“We aspire to bring stability to Kurdistan and Iraq. We aim for a resolution of issues with the federal government.

“Kurdistan and Iraq have faced challenges due to wars and governance issues. Today is an opportunity for cooperation and mutual support. Achieving the level of developed nations requires peace and resolution of issues.

“Our delegation is again in Baghdad, addressing issues. We hope for a resolution, particularly regarding budget matters and salary arrears.

“To address the oil and gas issue, we must develop an advanced federal law. We aim to collaborate closely with the federal government for a prosperous future.”

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