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KRG announces first honey exports to Qatar

As part of the KRG’s agenda to diversify the economy, support farmers, and empower the private sector, two tons of Kurdistan’s premium honey were delivered to Qatar by air today.

An additional ton has been sold to local and national retailers in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, further supporting Kurdistan’s hardworking beekeepers. It will appear on the shelves next month.

This effort, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the private sector, has involved more than 200 beekeepers, supported and created nearly 100 jobs, and established new relationships with retailers in new markets in Qatar and the Gulf more generally. The honey has been harvested from beehives across the Kurdistan Region.

The KRG believes that this initiative, led by a passionate local company, will become a basis for more exports and create new bilateral trade opportunities between the Kurdistan Region and the Gulf.

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