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Statement from Prime Minister Masrour Barzani

The numerous attacks on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are brazen attempts by our enemies and traitors to undermine the Region’s very existence. They foolishly believe that the continued attacks and pressure will break Kurdistan’s will.

They are wrong.

The will of the patriots and citizens of the Kurdistan Region and their government is far stronger to be broken by plots and repression. Instead, our courage strengthens, while humiliation awaits our traitors and enemies.

I appreciate the position and support of our international partners, who have always condemned these attacks. Sadly, statements alone will neither stop these unjust attacks nor prevent them.

It is crucial that the Iraqi federal government takes practical steps to end the threat posed by these outlaw groups and protect the security of all of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region.

We also call on international friends and partners to take serious measures on the ground to ensure the security of our people and economy and to protect the political stability of the Kurdistan Region as a whole.

I urge Kurdistani citizens to stand strong against this calculated plot with the utmost urgency and patriotism. I urge them to be steadfast against efforts by traitors and enemies to sacrifice the Kurdistan Region and its gains for their cowardice and greed.

I pray that God gives us continued strength on our just path for the Kurdistani cause and the blood of our martyrs and provides support towards victory.

Masrour Barzani

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