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KRG Prime Minister Engages with US Policy Think Tanks

On 27 February 2024, Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Masrour Barzani met with US policy think tanks and research institutions in Washington DC to discuss crucial issues.

Prime Minister Barzani outlined recent developments in the Kurdistan Region and the broader Middle East, emphasising the need to maintain Iraq’s federal structure and respect democratic and federal principles. He highlighted the Kurdistan Region’s constitutional status within Iraq and the sacrifices made by the Kurdish people for their rights, stating their determination to uphold these rights.

He reiterated the Kurdistan Region’s dedication to resolving disputes with the Iraqi federal government constitutionally, focusing on the fair distribution of financial entitlements and the region’s budget. Prime Minister Barzani also underlined the importance of resuming oil exports from the Kurdistan Region, maintaining regional security and stability.

The discussion also covered the situation in the Kurdistani Areas Outside the Region, or Disputed Territories, stressing the importance of normalising these areas through the Iraqi Constitution’s Article 140 and the Sinjar Agreement.

The meeting concluded with Prime Minister Barzani addressing participants’ questions and comments.

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