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Prime Minister Barzani’s Address on Kurdish Journalism Day

On Kurdish Journalism Day, marking the anniversary of the first issue of the Kurdistan Newspaper by Mikdad Midhat Bedir Khan and the anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdistan Union of Journalists, I extend my congratulations to all journalists in Kurdistan and wish them continued success.

In the Kurdistan Region, it is with pride that journalists fulfil their duties with freedom and without censorship. They critically address governmental shortcomings and violations. Our government remains committed to supporting journalists and media professionals, ensuring that together we can propel Kurdistan forward in all aspects of life.

I trust that the journalists of the Kurdistan Region are committed to prioritising truth, advancing our region, serving the public, defending the rights of the people, and both preserving and enhancing the constitutional status of the Kurdistan Region.

It is essential for journalists in Kurdistan to uphold the integrity of their country, avoid denigrating its values or the vital interests of its people in the name of journalism, and refrain from using inappropriate language and slander.

Happy Kurdish Journalism Day, and on this day, I reaffirm my personal dedication and that of my government to authentic journalism and the freedom of expression in the Kurdistan Region.

Masrour Barzani
Prime Minister
Kurdistan Regional Government
22 April 2024

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