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KRG Prime Minister Inaugurates Chamrga Dam

On Tuesday, 25 June 2024, Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), launched the Chamrga Dam in the Qushtapa District of Erbil. He was accompanied by Begard Talabani, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, and Omed Khoshnaw, Erbil Governor.

Following a tour of the dam, Prime Minister Barzani emphasised the KRG’s commitment to safeguarding water resources and building dams and ponds. He highlighted that numerous projects of this sort have been completed throughout the region, demonstrating a desire to continue due to the significant benefits of water.

The Prime Minister emphasised the benefits of these dams, which include water retention for agriculture, power generation from larger dams, tourism development due to picturesque views, and crucial flood control. He emphasised the importance of prioritising surface water consumption above groundwater, citing a worrying drop in groundwater levels in the Kurdistan Region. He emphasised that water and natural resources belong not just to this generation, but also to future generations, and hence must be conserved.

Prime Minister Barzani stated that the government seeks to make the greatest use of water resources and expressed satisfaction with the Chamrga Dam’s completion. He emphasised the KRG’s commitment to developing new dams and scientifically maximising their benefits.

The Chamrga Dam was built using local expertise and international standards at a cost of IQD 4.3 billion. It measures 17.5 metres in height, 262 metres in length, and 8 metres in width.

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