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KRG Prime Minister Barzani lays the foundation for Dabeen Cement Factory in Safeen

On Thursday June 22, 2023, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) attended the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Dabeen Cement Factory near Safeen Mountain in Erbil. During the event, PM Barzani delivered a speech in which he underscored the significance of the factory and the importance of the cement industry in creating job opportunities and contributing to economic development in the Kurdistan Region. PM Barzani’s presence and remarks demonstrated the government’s commitment to the project and its positive impact on the region. Below is a summary of the speech:

“I am pleased to be present today at the ceremony marking the foundation laying of the Dabeen Cement Factory. This project holds great significance as it is set to become one of the most important industrial establishments in the region, playing a pivotal role in the construction sector.

“I would like to extend my commendation to Dabeen Company and Power China Company for undertaking this project. I have high hopes that its construction will be completed successfully, adhering to the highest quality standards and within the designated timeframe. Furthermore, I emphasise the importance of prioritising the safety of workers and ensuring environmental protection throughout all phases of development.

“This project will create numerous job opportunities during its construction phase and after it becomes operational. It is important that 75% of the workforce comprises citizens of the Kurdistan Region. Additionally, the provision of training programs for local workers and engineers will enhance their skills and experience.

“I strongly urge the management to place significant emphasis on environmental protection during the construction of the factory, in particular the implementation of measures to limit the release of harmful gases that contribute to global warming.

“The Kurdistan Region possesses abundant raw materials, which provide a solid foundation for establishing various factories and revitalising the industrial sector. This not only caters to the needs of the local market but also enables the export of these products to Iraq and beyond. I am delighted to learn that this factory primarily relies on locally sourced raw materials.

“When observing supermarkets throughout the Kurdistan Region, it becomes evident that the majority of products and goods sold are imported from abroad. However, we have the capability to manufacture most of these goods locally, which would not only revitalise the industrial sector but also create employment opportunities and reduce the dependency on imported goods.

“The KRG ninth cabinet is fully committed to supporting and cooperating with anyone involved in the revival and development of the industrial sector in the Kurdistan Region.”

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