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Statement from Prime Minister Masrour Barzani regarding federal budgetary payments

I am pleased to announce that our efforts to defend the rights of the people of the Kurdistan Region and our agreement with Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Sudani have been successful. This has been made possible through the resilience of the Kurdistani people.

This new deal guarantees that our citizens will receive their salaries in full and on time. Thank you to the resilient Kurdistanis for your continued patience and faith in your government.

I thank President Masoud Barzani for his support and guidance in overcoming the obstacles, and I also thank the role and support of the President of the Kurdistan Region, Kak Nechirvan, in assisting and facilitating negotiations with the federal government.

I extend my gratitude to the Iraqi political parties who supported us, as well as to the political parties of the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdistani factions in the federal parliament who unanimously supported and agreed to secure the rights of the people of the Kurdistan Region to receive their rightful payments.

I also want to express my appreciation to the KRG delegation for their continuous and tireless efforts and their commitment to this solemn responsibility in fulfilling this difficult duty and succeeding.

We will continue to serve our beloved citizens and prevent any targeted efforts to undermine the stability of the Kurdistan Region.

Masrour Barzani

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