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KRG Prime Minister Prioritises Public Health System Enhancement

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) attended the graduation ceremony of the Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties (KBMS) in Erbil.

Prime Minister Barzani underscored the profound significance of the medical profession, expressing his fervent hope that physicians would continue to uphold the sanctity and nobility of their responsibilities, maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and adherence to their sacred oath. While acknowledging that the health sector within the region has faced its share of criticism, he affirmed his government’s unwavering commitment to executing comprehensive reforms in the healthcare sector.

Here is the Prime Minister’s comprehensive speech:

“In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

“I am immensely pleased to join you today for the graduation ceremony of the Kurdistan Supreme Council for Medical Professionals. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the graduates and trainees, accompanied by my best wishes for enduring success and advancement in your esteemed careers.

“I extend my gratitude to KBMS, a vital educational and training institution in the field of medicine, dedicated to advancing education, medical specialties, and professional competence while actively engaging in research and collaborating with international medical centres, aiming to secure their trust.

“I would also like to express my appreciation for the valuable contributions of researchers in the realm of medicine and healthcare. It is my hope that their endeavours will yield discoveries leading to improved treatments for diseases and the overall enhancement of the healthcare system.

“I am thankful for the Jordanian Medical Council’s trust and confidence in KBMS programs and facilities, and we are pleased with the cooperation between the Kurdistan Region and the Kingdom of Jordan in the domain of health. We take pride in the longstanding, cordial relationship between the Kurdistan Region and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, who has consistently provided support to the Kurdistan Region during various stages.

“The medical profession is undeniably a sacred calling. I trust that the doctors of the Kurdistan Region will remain steadfast in upholding the sanctity and nobility of their duty, their professional ethics, and their sacred oath. Above all, being a physician is a humanitarian mission, with the primary objective of saving lives and safeguarding health. Thus, I implore you to always prioritise the humanitarian aspect of your profession.

“Learning is a lifelong journey, an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and information, particularly in the fields of medicine and healthcare. It is your duty to continuously dedicate yourselves to acquiring new knowledge and engaging in critical scientific research, which will enable you to better serve the public and society. I encourage you to harness the power of biotechnology, which can greatly facilitate and support the efforts of medical professionals.

“I acknowledge that the health sector in the Kurdistan Region has faced its share of criticism and complaints, which is why the ninth cabinet initiated a comprehensive reform process within the healthcare sector. One notable step in this process was the enactment of the Patients’ Rights and Duties Act in the Kurdistan Region, issued by the Kurdistan Parliament in 2020.

“Reform is an ongoing endeavour that demands time and the collective efforts of all stakeholders, particularly doctors and healthcare professionals. Together, we can enhance the public health system and deliver improved healthcare services to the public.

“The KRG allocates substantial resources to public health and healthcare institutions, and we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of these services, organising and developing the public health system, and raising the standard of care to instil greater confidence in them.

“I congratulate the graduates, trainees, and researchers, and I wish you and KBMS continued progress and success.

“May success accompany you throughout your journey, and may the Kurdistan Region prosper and remain secure.”

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